Reported Cases

Ballot Measure 11 Cases - Dismissals, Acquittals, and Reversals

Mr. Thompson has obtained complete dismissals, acquittals or reversals in the following Ballot Measure 11 cases, including homicide cases and sex crimes:

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Ballot Measure 11 Cases - Resolved Down From Measure 11 Parameters

Mr. Thompson has also successfully litigated or negotiated Ballot Measure 11 cases to resolutions outside of the Ballot Measure 11 parameters in several cases in counties throughout Oregon, including Benton, Clackamas, Curry, Deschutes, Marion, Multnomah, Polk, Umatilla and Washington counties.

  • State v. Cox
    Marion County, Case No. 18CR58516
  • State v. Miller
    Marion County, Case No. 18CR68294
  • State v. Linscott
    Marion County, Case No. 18CR28325
  • State v. Long
    Washington County, Case No. C141385CR
  • State v. Palomo
    Marion County, Case No. 13C43353
  • State v. Akim
    Polk County, Case No. 12P3084
  • State v. Kuykendall
    Curry County, Case No. 12CR0512
  • State v. Michaels
    Marion County, Case No. 09C48873
  • State v. Roller
    Umatilla County, Case No. CF020775

Appellate Cases

On appeal, Mr. Thompson has also represented the prevailing parties in the following cases:

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