Ballot Measure 11 Defense Attorney

Ballot Measure 11 charges are the most serious of all Oregon allegations.

In November of 1994, Oregon voters approved Ballot Measure 11, which applies mandatory minimum prison sentences to certain crimes against persons with no possibility of any reduction in sentence. It also ensures that juveniles, 15 and older, are charged with felonies for certain crimes against persons and tried as adults.

What consequences am I facing if charged with a Measure 11 Offense?

If convicted, Ballot Measure 11 sentences range from just under 6 years to 25 years, regardless of criminal history. Some charges contain Ballot Measure 11 “opt-outs,” and it is extremely important to have experienced counsel who understands the intricacies of Ballot Measure 11 defense.

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Many violent crimes and sex crimes are charged under Ballot Measure 11. The specific crimes that fall under Measure 11 and the mandatory minimum sentence they carry are as follows:

Charge Years Months

Pornographic Exploitation of a Child
Compelling Prostitution
Robbery II
Assault II
Kidnapping II

5 10

Sexual Abuse I
Unlawful Sexual Penetration II
Sodomy II
Rape II
Manslaughter II

6 3

Arson I
Robbery I
Kidnapping I
Assault I
Conspiracy to Commit Murder
Attempted Murder

7 6

Manslaughter I
Conspiracy to Commit Aggravated Murder
Attempted Aggravated Murder

8 4

Unlawful Sexual Penetration I
Sodomy I
Rape I

10 0

Aggravated Vehicular Homicide

20 0

Kidnapping I (under certain circumstances)
Unlawful Sexual Penetration I (if alleged victim is under 12 years old)
Sodomy I (if alleged victim is under 12 years old)
Rape I (if alleged victim is under 12 years old)

25 0

What should you do if you are arrested or charged with a Measure 11 Crime?

It is vital to understand the severity of the punishments attached to any Ballot Measure 11 crime and how important it is to have a strong defense. It is critical you act fast to obtain experienced legal representation if you or a loved one is being investigated or charged with any Ballot Measure 11 offense.

Mr. Thompson has represented hundreds of individuals accused, charged with, or convicted of Ballot Measure 11 offenses in Oregon. His goal is always to not have these charges filed, an outright acquittal or plea outside of Ballot Measure 11, and he has obtained many resolutions of the sort. However, he also provides several strategies on how to mitigate the circumstances surrounding those charged with Ballot Measure 11 offenses. He offers confidential initial consultations, please contact our office for more details.

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