Jason Thompson can help regulate and control any investigation, and help you assert your rights at the appropriate times.

He routinely provides representation to individuals being investigated for a variety of civil and/or criminal issues. These consultations and representations oftentimes remain private and only become known to any public official once the client decides that is necessary. Regardless of why any state actor wants to speak with an individual, that individual should first speak with Mr. Thompson.

Mr. Thompson oftentimes consults with and begins formal representation of individuals who have been contacted by the FBI, DEA, Homeland Security, the FCC, DHS, the Oregon Department of Justice, and any detective from any local law enforcement agency or state agency.

Thompson Law responds to challenges of any size, tailoring individual teams to the needs of its clients. Thompson Law commits to providing services of the highest quality and integrity, ensuring that individuals understand all pretrial rights and when to exercise constitutional rights that may not be known to them at the outset.