White Collar Criminal Defense

Jason Thompson regularly represents individuals in complex white collar cases. Individuals are either under criminal investigation or have already been charged with white collar crimes.

What are the most common white collar crimes in Oregon?

Although there is no formal definition, most white collar crimes are financially motivated and non-violent in nature. Most of these investigations come about against business professionals and government officials. Typically, these crimes involve allegations of misappropriation of funds or identification. Often times these allegations arise during disputes between employers and employees, dissolutions of partnerships, or employment relationships. The Oregon Attorney General’s Office and the Oregon State Police, as well as other local law enforcement agencies, usually investigate these allegations. These crimes, at the state level, range from identity theft, to theft, to fraud, to racketeering.

Which white collar crimes are typically investigated by the F.B.I.?

White collar crimes often cross into other jurisdictions which means they can violate both state and criminal statutes. Below are the crimes typically investigated by the F.B.I:

Falsification of financial information

  • False accounting entries and/or misrepresentations of financial condition;
  • Fraudulent trades designed to inflate profits or hide losses; and
  • Illicit transactions designed to evade regulatory oversight.

Self-dealing by corporate insiders

  • Insider trading (trading based on material, non-public information);
  • Kickbacks;
  • Misuse of corporate property for personal gain; and
  • Individual tax violations related to self-dealing.

Fraud in connection with an otherwise legitimately operated mutual hedge fund

  • Late trading;
  • Certain market timing schemes; and
  • Falsification of net asset values

What should you do if you are being investigated, arrested or are charged with a white collar crime?

As soon as you or a loved one learn that anyone is investigating past financial dealings with employers, clients, or governmental entities, you should contact Thompson Law to schedule a consultation immediately. It is vital to understand the severity of the punishments attached to a white collar crime and how important it is to have a strong defense, especially if facing federal charges at the outset of an investigation.

From the black and white to the most complex, Mr. Thompson has represented various individuals involved in white collar investigations and cases. He offers confidential initial consultations. Please contact Thompson Law for more details immediately.