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Don’t allow yourself to become a casualty of false accusations in your home or in your life. Protect yourself with the Family Abuse Prevention Act (FAPA) and regain control over your situation with the help of Thompson Law in Oregon. Regain safety and independence in your life by building your defenses under FAPA.

By utilizing the Family Abuse Prevention Act (FAPA) process, you will be able to obtain legal protection and safety as a victim, as well as utilize defenses available to you as the accused. While separation from your spouse or partner can quickly and easily evolve into a convoluted situation, you are entirely capable of retaining the things that matter to you with the help of Thompson Law. With an abundance of expertise and experience defending those who are unfairly being accused of false claims, Jason Thompson can bring you results that will not only deliver legal protection, but also a sense of security when it comes to maintaining your way of life.

Have you been served a restraining order?

If you have been served with a temporary restraining order, you are entitled to a hearing to challenge the order and prevent the temporary order from being permanent. Top criminal defense lawyer Jason Thompson can assist you in these matters as well if you act quickly.

Everyone has the right to their own personal safety, and Jason Thompson serves the public by assisting those that are most in need of legal protection, whether needing physical safety or legal protection from false accusations.

With an ample amount of experience representing both parties, Mr. Thompson is able to create swift, concise arguments that will be effective in your representation. This experience is utilized in order to create effective strategies that work to your benefit. Strategies based on experience, Mr. Thompson implements his seasoned techniques to yield results that will allow you to live free of fear, hesitation, or doubt when it comes to your well being.

The emotional, mental, and psychologically brutal torment that you may be facing can come to a swift end with a proper defense and a solid team to provide structure and support to your case. Don’t allow yourself to be a victim and take action with the FAPA in order to banish fear from your life - whether you are the complainant, petitioner or the respondent.

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What are the requirements for a FAPA restraining order?


The petitioner must be at least 18 years old, or, if the petitioner is younger than 18:

  • The respondent must be 18 or older, AND
  • The petitioner must be either married to (or previously married to), or involved in (or previously involved in) a sexual relationship with the respondent.


The respondent must be:

  • The petitioner’s spouse or former spouse
  • An adult with whom the petitioner lives and/or has a sexual relationship
  • An adult with whom the petitioner had a sexual relationship in the last 2 years
  • An adult related to the petitioner by blood, marriage, or adoption, OR
  • The other parent of the petitioner’s child.


In the last 180 days*, the respondent must have:

  • Physically injured the petitioner or attempted to physically injure the petitioner
  • Placed the petitioner in fear of imminent bodily injury, OR
  • Made the petitioner have sexual relations against the petitioner’s wishes by using force or threats of force.
  • * Any time period when the respondent was in jail or lived more than 100 miles from the petitioner’s home does not count as part of the 180 day period.

Continued Threat Of Abuse

The petitioner is in immediate danger of further abuse, and the respondent is a threat to the physical safety of the petitioner or the petitioner‘s children.

What can Jason Thompson do for me?

Your personal safety is of utmost importance, so if you have recently or are currently being threatened or abused, contact the police immediately.

Jason Thompson regularly represents individuals involved in FAPA and abuse cases, and can structure your defense in a way that pertains to your unique situation. FAPA laws are intricate and are often misinterpreted by the general public, and Jason Thompson is well versed in their potentially confusing nature. If you require any clarification, he would be happy to identify and address any terms or concepts that you are unclear about. If you have been accused of, or would like to file a FAPA restraining order, please contact Thompson Law to schedule a consultation. Allegations that begin with restraining order petitions often result in criminal investigations, and are frequently incredibly time-sensitive. Contact Salem's criminal defense law firm Thompson Law as soon as possible to avoid legal ramifications if you have been served with a restraining order petition, and take the first steps in getting your life back into your control.