Domestic Abuse Defense Lawyer

The home is a sacred place, where you should be able to feel safe, sound, and secure at the end of a long day. It’s the place that you think of multiple times throughout the day when you’re not there, and it’s the place that you return to day after day.

Being accused of causing domestic violence threatens to take that all away from you. It can potentially replace your humble abode with a new, threatening atmosphere that you will be forced to call home. Top criminal defense lawyer Jason Thompson can help in Oregon. If you are being accused of causing domestic violence, your reputation, right to exercise free will, and personal sense of security are at risk.

Jason Thompson has helped defend countless accused individuals in order to provide them with a fair, safe, and sound defense that increases the odds of their continued freedom. With an abundant amount of experience under his belt, Mr. Thompson is able to draw inspiration from his various cases in order to prepare and deploy a unique, effective courtroom strategy that serves to restore your sense of being, as well as your sense of security.

Crafting Your Defense With Jason Thompson

There are numerous circumstances that can support a strong defense for domestic abuse charges. By relying on the factual and scientific evidence provided by doctors or respected expert witnesses, Jason Thompson is able to create a thorough, poignant argument that stands up to hollow accusations and unfounded allegations in the court of law. By first deploying an in-depth investigation, and then, when needed, deploying a strong cross examination of the prosecution’s witnesses and experts, inconsistencies can be revealed and the validity of the accusations can be questioned.

By handling your unique situation with compassion and care, Jason Thompson is able to craft a strong, thorough, and thought out defense strategy to provide you with the tools that you need to have a fair trial in the courtroom. By utilizing his experienced counsel, you can be sure that you’ll be able to have your best chance to speak your piece in court so that your chances of exoneration are as high as possible. The purpose, to insure that the “truth” comes to light; not that one more innocent person is unjustly convicted by the word of a scorned lover.

What can Jason Thompson do for me?

Jason Thompson regularly represents individuals involved in FAPA and abuse cases, and can structure your defense in a way that pertains to your unique situation. FAPA laws are intricate and are often misinterpreted by the general public, and Jason Thompson is well versed in their potentially confusing nature. If you require any clarification, he would be happy to identify and address any terms or concepts that you are unclear about. If you have been accused of, or would like to file a FAPA restraining order, please contact Thompson Law to schedule a consultation. Allegations that begin with restraining order petitions often result in criminal investigations, and are frequently incredibly time-sensitive. Contact Thompson Law as soon as possible to avoid legal ramifications if you have been served with a restraining order petition, and take the first steps in getting your life back into your control.