Traffic Offenses and Moving Violations

Traffic offenses and moving violations come in a variety of forms, some serious criminal offenses, and others traffic violations. DUI/DWI, speeding, and reckless driving are examples of these crimes. Most traffic offenses are classified as violations.

What consequences am I facing if convicted of a Traffic Offense or Moving Violation?

It is important to note that Oregon doesn’t use a point system. The state does, however, log your moving violations and if you receive multiple convictions in 18 months, you may be facing a license suspension. You may also be facing a license suspension if you violate the Driver Improvement Program.

We have additional information about the differences between a misdemeanor and a felony DUI in Oregon.

If you hold a Commercial Drivers License (CDL), you must notify your employer within 30 days of a violation. These violations can have a serious impact on your career.

The maximum fine for a violation committed by an individual is:

(a) $2,000 for a Class A violation.

(b) $1,000 for a Class B violation.

(c) $500 for a Class C violation.

(d) $250 for a Class D violation.

What can Thompson Law do for me?

Our goal is always for you to keep your driving privileges and stellar driving records intact. More often than not, this will require creative problem-solving. We are here to counsel and advise on the effects of the DMV Adult Driver Improvement Program in your particular circumstance.

From clear cut cases to the most complex, Jason Thompson has represented many individuals involved in traffic offenses and moving violations. He will meet for a confidential initial consultation and then determine what level of representation, if any, is needed in a particular traffic case. Please contact Thompson Law for more details.

Reported Cases

Mr. Thompson has represented the prevailing party in the following case:

  • State v. Arnautov
    Marion County, Case No. 21CR45280
    Criminal Driving While Suspended: Dismissed
  • State v. Snethen
    Marion County, Case No. 19CR09767
    Motor Vehicle Accident - Class C Felony (x4): Not Guilty
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