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Selecting an Attorney in Keizer, Oregon

If you’re one of the nearly 40,000 citizens who call Keizer, Oregon your home, you know quality when you see it. Whether you frequent Keizer Station for shopping adventures or you’re a die-hard Salem-Keizer Volcanoes fan, you cherish what you have around you and the freedom that you experience every day.

Should the accusation of criminal activity threaten your lifestyle and independence, Jason Thompson can defend those in need in order to shift the scales of injustice. Liberating clients is how he addresses social inequalities in the courtroom, and providing them with much-needed defense is his passion.

Realities about living in Keizer, Oregon

  • Keizer has a crime index of 21, meaning that Keizer is safer than just 21% of US cities.
  • Keizer sees violent crime 88 times a year and property crimes 895 times a year.
  • The odds of being a victim of violent crime in Keizer are 1 in 451, while the odds of being a victim of property crime are a staggering 1 in 44.

If you were to be accused of one of these crimes, who would you turn to for assistance? How would you begin clearing your name, building your defense, and shutting down the accusers? The process of avoiding unjustified incarceration can be daunting, especially when your world is being turned upside-down by the legal system and all of its complexities. Mr. Jason Thompson is intent on serving your needs, defending your reputation, and restoring your freedom by taking charge in the courtroom.

By practicing law in both state and federal courtrooms, Mr. Thompson acquires and administers unique takes on unfair accusations in order to provide those in need with a superior defense. His perspective is developed from his years of experience as a criminal defense salem lawyer, and his drive is unmatched when attempting to provide you with legal defense that will allow you to resume your way of life.

You Want To Hire The Best Criminal Defense Lawyer In Keizer

Mr. Thompson has been practicing law for over 19 years, and is aggressively committed to protecting your interests.

He has been recognized by The National Trial Lawyers as a Top 100 Criminal Defense Attorney, a Superior DUI Attorney by NAFDD, and Willamette University College of Law, Mentor of the Year.

Call us today 503.763.3537 or email us at We understand the needs and urgency of each of our clients unique situations, and someone will respond to you quickly and confidentially.

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