Appeals and Post Conviction Cases

Since beginning his career as a judicial law clerk at the Oregon Supreme Court, Jason Thompson has represented hundreds of individuals before the Oregon appellate courts.

On direct appeal, Mr. Thompson has represented the prevailing parties in:

In most of those cases, Mr. Thompson represented individuals previously convicted of Ballot Measure 11 offenses. Typically, on direct appeal, he challenges prior rulings by the trial judge. In post-conviction cases, typically, he challenges decisions made by prior counsel for the convicted individual. The goal is the same with both an appeal and post-conviction - to reverse the prior conviction. For more information about the differences between an appeal and post-convistion relief, please refer to this article.

Deadlines and procedural impediments are always a primary concern for Mr. Thompson on any appeal or post-conviction case. Contact Thompson Law, immediately to schedule a consultation to pursue and preserve all avenues available to challenge a prior conviction. Often times, Mr. Thompson will be hired to pursue an appeal even before the individual has been sentenced at the trial court level, as well as hired to begin working on a post-conviction case before the individual’s direct appeal has concluded.

Reversed and Remanded is a desirable outcome but what does it mean?
Reversed: the decision of a lower court (usually trial) is rejected as incorrect by a higher (appellate) court.
Remanded: the matter is sent back to the lower court for further proceedings.

Reversing a conviction may be granted after proving there were errors or misconduct by your lawyer, the judge, or the prosecutor. The cases above are examples where Jason Thompson has found errors and pressed the courts to reverse and remand the case.

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