Cyber and Computer Crimes

Cyber crimes and computer crimes come in a variety of forms. Some are designated sexual crimes while others are related to white collar crimes.

The Computer Fraud and Abuse Act is a cybersecurity bill enacted in 1984. The law prohibits users from accessing computers without authorization or in excess of authorization.

What consequences am I facing if convicted of a cyber and computer crime?

On account of cyber and computer crimes coming in various forms, the consequences range from minimal to the most extreme. Below are the penalties for some of the most common cyber and computer crimes:

Illegally Accessing a Computer System:

6 months - 5 years

Unofficial Modification on a Computer:

5 years - 10 years

Telecommunication Service Theft:

Large Fine

Communications Intercept Crime - Class D Crime:

1 year - 5 years

Computer Source Document Tampering:

Up to 3 years

Computer Hacking:

Up to 3 years

Hacking Government Protected System:

Up to 10 years

What can Jason Thompson do for me?

An independent forensic evaluation is required in virtually all cyber and computer crime cases. Jason Thompson has represented hundreds of individuals in investigations, state cases, federal cases, and on appeal for cyber crime and computer related cases. Contact our office immediately to schedule a consultation.