Filing for Expungements in Court

Jason Thompson pursues all avenues available for expungement of criminal records. He strives to achieve three goals throughout this process:

  • Restore your clean record
  • Help you with employment
  • Make sure you qualify to avoid wasting money on unnecessary filing fees and other associated costs just to be denied

What is the expungement process?

It is important to note, the expungement process can be lengthy. First, there’s a motion to set aside a legal proceeding for sealing the record of a criminal arrest or conviction. After the motion is granted, all official records of the arrest and conviction are sealed. It is critical that you contact us before you start the process as court staff is prohibited by law from giving you advice on any legal matters and on filling out the motion and affidavit.

Are there limitations to the expungement process?

ORS 137.225 is the statue which allows some types of records to be expunged from your criminal history. There are certain crimes that are not able to be set aside or expunged, these crimes include:

  • Most sex crimes and crimes against children
  • Class “A” felonies, and
  • Traffic offenses

Typically, Mr. Thompson conducts an intensive consultation before agreeing to representation on an expungement case to make success more likely. Contact Thompson Law to schedule a consultation.