False Accusations Of A Sex Crime

Don’t allow false criminal accusations of illicit sexual activity affect the way that you live your life. Give yourself the advantage in the courtroom by building your legal defense team with the very best that Oregon has to offer.

Being unfairly accused of a sexual crime can severely alter the course of your life, and when you’re living in the wonderful state of Oregon, this can mean that everything that you love can be stripped away from you in an instant. Even if you are exonerated from this accusation, the ramifications can stay with you for years to come. By arming yourself with the finest in legal defense, you can be sure that your way of life remains unscathed, undeterred, and unthreatened by unfair claims of criminal activity. By focusing on representing individuals in state and federal investigations, prosecutions, appeals, post-conviction matters, and related administrative proceedings, Jason Thompson is able to offer ample defensive capabilities to those who need it most.

Find the support and representation that you need by putting Jason Thompson in your corner. Strategize and utilize years of experience and expertise to best prepare your defense so that you can continue living without fear.

By handling false accusation cases with consistent regularity, Jason Thompson is able to utilize his unique strategy to diversify his approach - meaning that he is able to create an angle that will serve to benefit your legal standing by using his compiled evidence to your advantage. Years of experience and countless cases of demonstrated expertise exist to help you return to your life in Oregon while effectively shaking off falsified claims intended to damage your reputation. Don’t allow damaging accusations to take control of your life. Allow Jason Thompson to use his accumulated knowledge to free you from your legal troubles so that you can live your life to the fullest.

Contact Thompson Law immediately for a consultation if you have been falsely accused of a sex crime.